L Brands

Reese Brothers provides small-project specialty furniture design and fulfillment to their World headquarters and New York offices.


The GBQ art collection is comprised of 15 original works of art with a very contemporary and edgy feel. Reese Brothers Productions assisted GBQ in developing and acquiring this outstanding visual art collection.
Hilton Columbus Downtown

The Hilton Columbus Downtown art collection is comprised of 225 original artworks by 128 artists from Central Ohio. Reese Brothers Productions delivered on the request to create a collection that captures the spirit, diversity and talent of the local arts community.
Columbus Partnership

Reese Brothers Productions assisted the Columbus Partnership, located in the historic Lazarus Department Store building with the development and implementation of their art collection that captures the many facets of Columbus. Abstract, Expressionist, Impressionism, Digital Photography and Sculpture are just a few of the styles representing the diversity of the Columbus art community.

The Greater Columbus Convention Center

The Greater Columbus Convention Center has undergone a $125 million renovation and expansion completed in early 2017.  Reese Brothers was asked to procure a new art collection that represented the City and Central Ohio and its artisan community.  Over 150 artists are represented throughout the convention center.  The collection also includes 34 art installations in the public garages ranging from graffiti to glass mosaic.  

This is what keeps us busy

Ohio Hospital Association

The Ohio Hospital Association recently relocated and updated its offices and desired to develop an art collection that celebrates diversity. Reese Brothers Productions worked closely with the Association to create a wide-ranging collection that matches the diversity of their clients that the Association serves.